Sunday, October 23, 2011

Crazy?? I must be.

I must be crazy. I went to a local fiber festival, lamb town, earlier this month. I got the most beautiful fingering-sock weight alpaca yarn and decided that I was going to make one of my best friends a pair of knitted socks for his Christmas present. The funny thing is that up until that point I have never actually knit before in my life. I have dyed, spun, weaved and crocheted, but not knit. So I signed up for a beginning knitting class at my favorite local knitting shop Got Your Goat Yarn Studio in Roseville. I learned how to make a very basic rib pattern scarf in just three 1.5 hour sessions. So for my second ever knitting project I started making socks while taking a class this afternoon at the shop. I spent almost the whole class trying to do a long tail cast on (which I never heard of before today) with very tiny yarn onto four very tiny needles. I had to keep starting over (like 4 or 5 times) before I finally got it right. Then I had to figure out how to separate 64 tiny stitches into 4 groups of 16 onto 4 separate needles without dropping or twisting any stitches or splitting the yarn. After about three hours of starting over many times and with lots of help from my teacher Isabella, I finally completed my first round of knit 1/pearl 1 ribbing for the cuff of one sock. Keep in mind that before two weeks ago all I knew about socks was that they are knitted and you wear them on your feet. As I was leaving the shop my teacher told me that she was very impressed that I was making socks because they are an advanced project and that my first round looks really good:-).. have a good evening everyone..

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